Stay Shady

Sunglasses are important for many reasons. Of course we can use them to express our unique style, but they do so much more than just “look cool”! Many of us enjoy being out in the sun. Just as our skin is susceptible to sun damage, our eyes are as well.
On a bright, sunny day, sunlight can bounce off surfaces. This means that harmful UVA and UVB rays are coming at us from many directions. Those harmful UV rays increase the chance of developing serious health conditions such as: pterygia (a growth that starts on the clear tissue of the eye that can spread to the cornea.), pinguecula (a  growth on the white part of the eye otherwise known as the conjuctiva), macular degeneration, and cataracts.
Essentially, sunglasses act as sunscreen for our eyes. Aside from the many health benefits, sunglasses also help us to be safer on the roads. How many times has the sunshine reflected off a surface blinding you while you were driving? Wearing sunglasses will diminish that brightness helping us to be safer behind the wheel. So lets do ourselves a favor and protect our eyes!
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